How to solve the Codewars's Money, Money, Money

Today I try to solve the algorithm problem of codewars.


Mr. Scrooge has a sum of money ‘P’ that wants to invest, and he wants to know how many years ‘Y’ this sum has to be kept in the bank in order for this sum of money to amount to ‘D’.

The sum is kept for ‘Y’ years in the bank where interest ‘I’ is paid yearly, and the new sum is re-invested yearly after paying tax ‘T’

Note that the principal is not taxed but only the year’s accrued interest


  • Let P be the Principal = 1000.00

  • Let I be the Interest Rate = 0.05

  • Let T be the Tax Rate = 0.18

  • Let D be the Desired Sum = 1100.00

  • After 1st Year –> P = 1041.00

  • After 2nd Year –> P = 1083.86

  • After 3rd Year –> P = 1128.30


Interest : money * interest

Tax : money * interest * tax

money = money + (Interest - Tax)

public class Money {
    public static int calculateYears(double principal, double interest,  double tax, double desired) {
            # Codewars COC 정책으로 인하여 코드 제거
        return count;
Written on November 26, 2018